This Year’s Cake Has 43 Candles

This Year’s Cake Has 43 Candles

So, it’s my birthday. I’ve seen April 29th 43 times so far. While every year brings different perspectives, this birthday I must admit I’m feeling a little down. You see, it’s the first one I’ve ever had without my Mom. The beginning of last December is when I last saw her, and the past few months have been hard.

Honestly, I don’t feel much like celebrating, but I can hear my Mother telling me not to be unhappy. Although it isn’t easy, I promised myself I will certainly try. After all, I’m still here; and for this I am grateful.

As I pondered on what I wanted to write about for my “born day” as some folks call it, I figured I would share 43 personal thoughts. Therefore, in honor of me being alive for over four decades, here are my reflections–one for each candle.

This Year's Cake Has 43 Candles

1. I really CAN do anything I want.
2. Living in Japan has changed my life in so many ways.
3. Those I consider as “my people” are the ones who treat me as such.
Theseare my favorite jeans.
5. I wish I could talk to my Mom.
6. This week, my husband called me a hippie.
7. I can’t believe I stuck withDirect Salesfor almost two years!
. Wow!
9. I’ve had some pretty fantastic supervisors.
10. There are no such words to describe how much I love my children.
11. I’m proud to have been an Air Force Wife. We Rock!
12. I remember there was a time I wanted to gain weight and then BAM! It’s like it happened overnight.
13. God is Love.
14. Some people only like you if you think as they do.
15. I loveblogging.
16. I’ll never forgive Hershey for discontinuing Bar None candy bars.

18. I miss my Dad. He always knew what to say.
Thiswill forever be my favorite perfume.
20. My Husband is my best friend.
21. Some people only care about themselves. The right people care about you.
22. Conversations with my Auntie Francina make me happy.
23. I love natural hair.
24. My second Mom,Dr. Lynette T. Smith is an amazing, selfless woman.
25. Nina Simone had a fascinating life. Her music makes you think.
26. People who abuse children and animals are the worst types of people.
I want to go to Spain.
28. Cleaning is fun when you blast Frank Sinatra.
29. I learned how to type death certificates when I was ten.
30. There are otheroptions besides Netflix.
31. I hated piano lessons when I was younger, but loved dance and gymnastics. The uneven bars and balance beam were my favorites.
32. San Luis Obisbo is a fun place. I miss the farmer’s markets.
33. I love my siblings.
34. I like to draw when I’m stressed. Theseare my favorite pencils.
35. There are two types of people whom it hurts the most to lose. Those you’ve known all your life and those who have known you all their life.
36. Sade Simmons has always been there for me, and I love her for that. Her love is boundless.
37. My past experiences have been so colorful–there isn’t much that surprises me. I’m thankful for all that I’ve learned.
38. My Grandmother NuNu was the classiest woman I’ve ever met.
Snacks rule.
40. I’ve had a friend for 42.5 years, and we have never had a falling out. Her name is Shauna, and I love her to pieces.
41. God sends angels to help us when we need it most. He sent me one and her name is Priscilla S.
42. I’ve always enjoyed my own company.
43. I’m grateful for another year.
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