Marketing Your Candle Brand Using Social Media!

Welcome to The Wooden Wick Co! We’re the #1 suppliers of wooden candle wicks, a unique alternative to traditional cotton wicks! Our wooden wicks are … Loading… Pinterest Marketing – Social Media Marketing 2017 Complete…Some Social Media Marketing Tools to Catapult Your Brand in…What Is Social Media Marketing?Social Media And Digital Marketing High Ridge MO… Read more »

Why Essential Oils Are Not A Magic Wand — Aromatherapy Advice

In this week’s episode I talk with the Wooden Fox (my Wife) about selling our crafts at handmade events and fairs. ///// Videos Beer Totes: … Loading… Essential Oils & Your PetsPowerful Weight Loss Advice

I’ve filmed this short video in response to a growing trend I’m noticing online. More and more people are looking to essential oils for a quick fix. Find out why … Loading… How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting – 3 Simple TipsMy Weight Loss Story + Tips for Healthy Dieting // 15kg ???…Lose Weight… Read more »

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