How to Make a Survival Candle – I Made a Thing!

Following from the previous video: `Lighting a Fire Using a Survival Candle`, here I demonstrate how to make your own DIY survival candles at home. Loading… Home Made Weight Loss Green Smoothie Weight Loss Muscle…“Except I die, music is the only thing that can make me…TEAMWORK mit Survival Mattin – Outdoor Survival Bushcraft -…Healthy Meal… Read more »

backyard chicken eggs vs store bought eggs

With a little help from my mom, who is visiting, I show you the difference between my backyard chicken eggs vs store bought eggs. I prefer the backyard eggs … Loading… model, easter eggs, eggsWhat is Chin Eating 9 – Tea Eggs10 AMAZING EGGS LIFE HACKS AND EDIBLE TRICKSIs it Healthy to Eat Eggs Every… Read more »

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